Never watch TV like before again. Never again.

Television which adapts to you and offers the best content for the whole family, anywhere and anytime you want...

Interface Tango TV

The best content for the whole family

  • 170+ premium channels
  • All the new releases and latest blockbusters available on VoD
  • 6 à la carte thematic channel packages
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The best TV has to offer is on Tango TV.
You'll be spoilt for choice

Selection of the best channels for the family

  • 4 basic offers from €15.99/month
  • 170+ premium channels
  • Content in 5 languages (LU/FR/DE/EN/PT)
  • Selection of the best HD channels
  • Parental control
  • Children's programs with the Disney channels included in all the offers
  • Football, series, discovery, etc. Channels and programs to suit all tastes

A customised offer with additional thematic channel packages

  • Activate a channel package directly from your interface
  • Individual or duo channel packages
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Box Tango TV

TV of the future features

  • Replay, Restart, Timeshifting, Record, etc. Features for watching or rewatching your programs as you please
  • Completely redesigned, simple and intuitive interface
  • Trendy designed TV decoder, ultra-compact and powerful
  • Replay 7 jours Replay 7 days
  • Vidéo à la demande Video on demand
  • Contrôle du direct Timeshifting
  • Recommencer Restart
  • Enregistrement Record
  • TV partout TV Everywhere
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Discover the TV of the future,
a TV which adapts to you

A personalized interface

App Tango TV sur tablette
  • Find recommendations for you and manage your preferences
  • Add channel packages in 1 click

Watch TV whenever you want

Fonction Replay 7j

Replay 7 days function

Want to watch or rewatch your favorite program? Go back up to 7 days on more than 90 channels and watch their content when it suits you.

Fonction Pause

Pause function

Timeshift by pausing your programs.

Fonction Recommencer

Restart function

Missed the beginning of the movie? No need to hurry, replay from the start with just one click on more than 90 channels.

Fonction Enregistrement

Record function

Schedule up to 200 recording hours from your TV or your app* and select one program or a whole series.

*valid on the eligible channels for the My Tango TV app

Tango TV app

My Tango TV – Your TV everywhere with you

  • Tango TV also available on your smartphone and tablet
  • 60 channels and a part of the VoD catalog accessible everywhere
  • Share directly from your mobile to your TV with the Transfer function
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Watch TV wherever you want
on your smartphone and tablet

A personalized interface

TV leaves your home with the TV Everywhere function

TV leaves your home with the TV Everywhere function

In the train, the bus or at a friend's place, watch 60 channels anywhere

Watch different programs at the same time

Watch different programs at the same time

Does the football game air at the time as her serie? With multi-screen, you can each watch the program you want on TV, smartphone or tablet.

Plan and schedule your TV moments remotely

Plan and schedule your TV moments remotely

The program grid and VoD catalog available… in your pocket
Program your recordings remotely

Transfer function - <span class="text--normal">Send a program from your smartphone to your TV with a</span> simple touch

Transfer function - Send a program from your smartphone to your TV with a simple touch

Start a movie on your tablet and continue to watch it simply on TV

Tango Video Club

With our VoD catalog, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Art-house movies or the latest blockbusters, all your favorite movies on demand on Tango TV

  • The new movies and latest blockbusters in VoD available in FR, DE and OV
  • The catalog of all major Hollywood studios

Join the

Be the first to be informed of the latest VoD releases, enjoy exclusive advantages,
Tango TV tips, news about the channels and much more besides!

Save up to €30 by grouping all your Tango subscriptions!

Cumulate discounts by gathering your subscriptions. With Family Discount, save money by grouping your mobile, landline, internet and TV subscriptions. Tango is committed to provide you the best at the best price.

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Which is the right package for you?

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  • You are
  • Number of people in your home?
  • Your use
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    New customer?

    First, subscribe to Tango Fibre

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  • 1 person

    1 to 3 connected devices

  • 2 to 3 people

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  • More than 3 people

    More than 5 connected devices

Your use

  • Occasional

    Browsing the Internet, sending e-mails, etc.

  • Advanced

    Watching streamed videos, listening to music, etc.

  • Intensive

    Watching TV, playing online video games, downloading files, etc.

All the Tango Fibre offers

Tango Fibre S
Tango Fibre M
Tango Fibre L
Tango Fibre XL

For you, Tango recommends :

Tango Fibre S
Tango Fibre M
Tango Fibre L
Tango Fibre XL

You would like

  • A basic TV offer

    Lots of content at a low price.

  • A comprehensive TV offer

    A maximum of channels for TV fans.

  • A Portuguese-language TV offer

    Portuguese channels and unlimited football.

You would like

  • More than 120 channels

  • A maximum of sport

  • An advantage of your choice

All the Tango TV offers

Tango TV S
Tango TV Luso
Tango TV L
Tango TV XL

For you, Tango recommends :

Tango TV S
Tango TV Luso
Tango TV L
Tango TV XL

1. The Fibre installation package worth €399 including VAT, is available for any subscription to a Tango Fibre M, L or XL offer.
2. Promotional offer valid until 15/04/2019 for any new Tango TV subscription over 24 months. Within the limits of available stocks. Fixed Internet connection required.

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